Mortgage support from an experienced advisor

Many of our clients have questions when they look to purchase a property in London. This is particularly the case when it comes to optimising financing for such a purchase, with questions like “Can I borrow money to complete the purchase of my new property even if I am not British”? The answer is “Yes”. In fact, many of the property purchases we support include mortgage financing as it’s a very convenient solution to buy a property and optimise the funding structure to minimise the need to utilise your own existing funds.

For this reason, we work with a leader in the market who can support our clients by providing mortgage advice and supporting our clients in securing mortgages for non-residents and who specialises in securing mortgage financing for clients from CIS countries, South East Asia and the Far East. Our mortgage partner speaks English, Russian and Ukrainian, and understands the specific needs of clients from these countries and regions.

Importantly, they also talk in terms you'll understand and will support you from start to finish, building a partnership to help you achieve your goals. They also have professional connections and relationships, having worked with many banks and private lenders to ensure our clients are fully supported and receive the best available interest rate and conditions for both short-term and long-term financing.

​ Our partner is able to offer expert, comprehensive advice, either face to face or remotely over the telephone, video calls, etc., to fit in with your schedule and lifestyle.