Immigration Lawyer

Immigration Lawyer

Many clients are interested in the issue of immigration to the UK. Having walked this path ourselves, from student visas to obtaining passports, we strongly recommend our partner in immigration support - a highly qualified attorney (lawyer).

Our partner is a member of the UK Immigration Law Practitioners Association. In 2013, she received the Immigration Lawyer of the Year Award from Monthly Legal, and in 2016 the company she leads was recognized as the best investor visa company in the UK.

A distinctive feature of our partner is a personal approach and complete honesty with the applicant. Unfortunately, many law firms do not convey all the pitfalls to the client, showing the process 'in a pink light', only for you to subscribe to the service. Moreover, applicants are offered to purchase a “ready-made business package” (this refers to the Enterpreneur Visa), which ultimately leads to a high risk of refusal for the applicant or there are problems in the future with the extension of the visa. Therefore, it is very important to work with a strong and honest professional who will approach your case individually and deliver the result you expect! Everything is real - and we will help you achieve your dreams!

The main types of visas:

  • Investor visa (Tier 1 Investor);
  • Representative visa (Sole Representative);
  • Temporary and permanent residence in the UK for EU citizens and family members;
  • Student visas (Tier 4General / Child).